Mohammad Hafeez Interview: There is always a sourness in the relations between India and Pakistan, the effect of which is also seen on cricket. Now the situation has become such that even big tournaments like Asia Cup and World Cup do not want to go to each other’s countries. In 2023, Pakistan is going to host the Asia Cup, while India will host the World Cup. In such a situation, India does not want to go to Pakistan to play the Asia Cup, then Pakistan has also threatened not to come to India in the ODI World Cup. Former Pakistan cricketer Mohammad Hafeez i.e. Professor has had an exclusive conversation with ABP on this very serious issue. Let us tell you what he said on his behalf on this issue.

Actually, Mohammad Hafeez is playing Legends League cricket these days in Doha, the capital of Qatar. In the midst of this cricket league, ABP took an exclusive interview of him, in which he spoke on many issues. Meanwhile, ABP’s journalist asked him that, if Pakistan does not come to India to play the World Cup, would it be okay.

Shouldn’t Pakistan come to India to play the World Cup?

Talking about it, Mohammad Hafeez said, “I think it is a loss of cricket in both ways. It is such a beautiful game, which gives us all love, happiness, fans all over the world would be happy in it.” India-Pakistan match is happening in any corner of the world, it gathers fans. Fans grow more with this match.”

Hafeez further said, “I have seen so many people that they came to the ground for the first time just to watch the India-Pakistan match and they want to experience that atmosphere. Stopping it in such a way is a great way to stop this beautiful game.” If there is injustice, then keeping political views aside, cricket should always be allowed to go on and India-Pakistan matches should never be stopped.”

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