New Delhi. Bollywood actor JitendraJitendra) and Reena Roy (Reena Roy)’s superhit film ‘Aasha’ (Aasha) actress Talluri Rameshwari (Talluri Rameshwari) do you remember. Hey there, who played the role of Jitendra’s on-screen wife Mala in this film. Now remembered! If not, then you must have seen this actress in the most famous song of this film, ‘Tune Mujhe Bhalaya Sherawaliye’. This song remains on the lips of the devotees from the decade of 80’s till today. This song is played everywhere during Navratri and seeing Jeetendra with Rameshwari, her fans again start searching her on Google that where is their beloved actress and what is she doing now. So what is the delay, let’s know where is Talluri Rameshwari…?

‘Hope’ (Aisha) was released in the year 1980. Rameshwari made her debut with this film. This film proved to be a hit at the box. Along with the story of the film, its songs were also very famous. Whether it is the song ‘Sheesha Ho or Dil Ho Tut Jata Ho’, or even the song ‘Tune Mujhe Baya Sherawaliye’. Reena Roy was Jeetendra’s girlfriend in the film, while Rameshwari played the role of his wife. Rameshwari had won everyone’s heart from her very first film. Praised Rameshwari’s character and acting in this film.

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worked in these films
Rameshwari looked very beautiful even after having a dark complexion. Everyone was crazy about his smile. After ‘Asha’, Rameshwari did films like ‘Sita Maa Lakshmi’, ‘Nizam’, ‘Bunty Aur Babli’ and ‘Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Man Bhaye’. Although ‘Asha’ and ‘Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Man Bhaye’, both these films proved to be milestones for Rameshwari’s career. But the sad thing is that when Talluri Rameshwari’s career was at its peak, such an accident happened to her, which changed her life.
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Career ruined by accident
According to media reports, along with Hindi films, when Talluri Rameshwari turned to South films, a big accident happened with her. It is said that once a horse fell during a shoot, due to which he underwent eye surgery. Talluri went to New York for surgery and the wound took a long time to heal. After this accident, many films came out of his hands. When she returned, she started getting small role offers. Although Talluri Rameshwari accepted those roles wholeheartedly and was seen in many minor roles from Tamil to TV shows. However, later he distanced himself from films. Got married and settled down.

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Married to producer Deepak Seth
Talluri Rameshwari is married to Punjabi actor and producer Deepak Seth. It is said that Talluri was also offered to work in Punjabi films after her recovery but she did not and now away from films, Rameshwari handles her business. She started her own brand by the name of Nimli Naturals. His company manufactures natural skin care and aromatherapy products. Talluri Rameshwari is very happy after doing this work.

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