New Delhi. Choreographer Saroj Khan (Saroj Khan) and the legendary beautiful actress Rekha (Rekha) The feud between is 33 years old. Both of them had a fight during the shooting of the film ‘Sheshnaag’ in the year 1990. In this film, Jeetendra, Rekha and Rishi Kapoor were in the lead roles. The film was directed by K.R. Reddy did. Saroj Khan was working as a choreographer in this film.

It is said that one day when the film Rekha made the entire unit wait. In which choreographer Saroj Khan was also involved. Saroj wanted Rekha to rehearse a dance song. But refused saying that she will not do so and she will do her own dance steps. Saroj Khan got angry with this.

Actress did not come for 3 days
According to media reports, on the sets of the film, Saroj Khan had said something to Rekha that Rekha had tears in her eyes. And she started crying in the vanity ban. This was disclosed by Saroj Khan herself. He once said in an interview that during the shooting of the film ‘Sheshnag’, Saroj was given only 3 days by the producer. Even after this, Saroj prepared the dance. Although she had said that she had been asking Rekha to come on the shoot for the last three days but she was not coming.

There was estrangement during the shooting of Sheshnag film

Rekha reprimanded
When Rekha came after three, she was not ready. She had only put on make-up. After this, he also refused to shoot. After this Saroj herself spoke to Rekha and said, ‘Rekha ji, it seems you have some problem with me. That’s why I always call you for rehearsal, you don’t come. If you want, you can tell the producer that I do not want to work with Saroj Khan.

Rekha agreed to this talk of Saroj Khan at that time but she went straight to her vanity van where she kept crying for a long time. However, later Saroj explained to her that she is not as she is thinking because there is hard work of many people behind a dance. Take it seriously.

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