Mumbai: You must have heard such stories many times in the film industry when there was misbehavior with an actress. Some actresses raise their voice against the exploitation done to them, while some tolerate it silently. Many cases came to the fore during the ‘Me Too’ movement. Today we talk about that actress of the industry, who was called the Tragedy Queen. In that period, it was even more difficult for the actress to raise her voice, but Meena Kumari raised her voice and had to bear the brunt of it.

Legend actress Meena Kumari of Hindi cinema signed a film of a big producer-director, whose industry was quite dominant. On the very first day of the film’s shooting, the filmmaker set up a table for lunch with Meena Kumari in the make-up room and said that he would have lunch alone with Meena on the first day so that discussions could be held in connection with the film.

Meena could not tolerate the rudeness
Lunch was just an excuse, in fact he had to come close to Meena Kumari. While eating food, the filmmaker sat under the table pressing his foot on Meena Kumari’s leg, when Meena remained silent, his courage increased and then started kissing the actress by holding her hand. Meena did not remain silent on this insolence and made noise. The people standing outside the make-up room were shocked. Meena Kumari took a dig at that producer-director in front of everyone and lashed out at him.

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Actress Meena Kumari was married to film director Kamal Amrohi.

Furious filmmaker hatched a conspiracy
The filmmaker did not expect such an answer from Meena Kumari even in his dreams, yet he was so brazen that he showed it as if it was a scene from the film. But after this incident, he started planning to take revenge from Meena. Under the conspiracy, he got the writer of the film to write such a scene which was not there in the story of the first film. There was a scene where the hero slaps the heroine. At the time of shooting, he instructed that the slap should sound genuine. The camera was placed at such an angle that if it is not slapped hard, it will look fake.

Forced slapping scene for Meena
According to the scene, Hero slapped Meena Kumari on the cheek and she trembled badly. But the director did not find the shot right, then he was slapped for the second time. After being slapped a total of 31 times, the filmmaker found peace. Troubled by the pain, Meena Kumari ran towards her room as soon as the shot was okay, closed the door and kept crying, everyone on the shooting set was understanding this conspiracy but no one said anything.

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Famous actor and singer Annu Kapoor has mentioned this incident in Dainik Bhaskar but did not mention the name of the filmmaker. Balraj Sahni has mentioned this incident in his autobiography. Actor Anwar Hussain, who was a witness to this incident, narrated the entire story to Balraj.

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