Kishore Kumar’s songs are included in our everyday life. The songs sung during that period are evergreen even today. These songs are included in our happiness and sorrow, hope and despair, morning and evening. There are not one but many such songs, after listening to which people do not get bored even today. Kishore Da has sung songs of every turn, every colour. Then whether it is romantic or inconsolable. Kishore Kumar’s songs of Pyaar Mohabbat gave voice to the emotions of thousands of young hearts. Kishore Kumar sang songs that have entertained generations. But do you know that Kishore Kumar had to sing his own song to persuade his mother-in-law and father-in-law.

The world knows about Kishore Kumar’s love stories and four marriages. His fourth marriage was with famous actress Leena Chandavarkar. Leena was 20 years younger than him, but it is said that when there is love, the lover neither sees the age nor caste. Something similar happened with Leena and Kishore Kumar and after marriage, they pacified their angry mother-in-law and father-in-law by singing a song.

Kishore Kumar’s fourth and Leela’s second marriage
Innocence on her face, dreams in her eyes and elegance in her looks… Beautiful Leena Chandavarkar had won the hearts of millions of viewers with her on-screen performances but her life was full of stories of pain and sorrow. Leena Chandavarkar and Kishore Kumar’s marriage was one of the famous marriages in Bollywood. Kishore Kumar had already married thrice and this was Leela’s second marriage.

Leena had gone through a very bad phase
There was a lot of ruckus in the marriage of both of them. The biggest bone of contention in the marriage was the age of Kishore Kumar. Actually, when Kishore Da and Leena got married, there was a difference of 20 years between the two. Before proposing Kishore Kumar, Leena had gone through a very bad phase. Due to personal life, she was not able to focus much on her career and she was not able to get the position she was capable of achieving in Bollywood.

Leena made her debut with ‘Mann Ka Meet’
Leena Chandavarkar was born on 29 August 1950 in Dharwad, Karnataka in a middle class family. His father was an army officer. He was fond of films since childhood. But she started with modeling, during which Nargis and Sunil Dutt saw her. After this he was taken in the film with Sunil Dutt. Reena’s first film ‘Messiah’ would have come in 1967, but this film could not be completed and the box of the film remained closed. A year later, he made his Bollywood debut with the film ‘Mann Ka Meet’ and then he started getting both popularity and success. There was such intoxication in his eyes that everyone used to go crazy about him.

Leena became a widow at a young age
After working in a few films, at the age of 24-25, he decided to get married. She then married Siddharth Bandodkar, scion of Goa’s famous political family. Reena’s life was taking a new turn when Siddharth died in an accident and she became a widow even after a few months of marriage. Being a widow at a young age, she was being taunted by the society; her own family was also holding her responsible for the accident. She was fed up with her life. According to media reports, he also started having seizures due to depression. It is said that he had once made up his mind to commit suicide.

the combination of both was strange
But then Kishore Kumar came in his life. This mail was very strange. Not because there is a difference in the age of both. But because where is Bindaas Kishore Kumar and where is Leena Chandavarkar, who was tormented by the sorrows of the times. But in life when love knocks and everything else is left behind.

Sanjeev Kumar warned Leena
There was a specialty in the relationship between Leena and Kishore Kumar. Both were entangled in previous broken relationships, in which there was only knot. Kishore Kumar never let his relationships dominate him. Kishore Kumar and Leena first met on the sets of the film. Kishore Kumar used to joke a lot. Sanjeev Kumar understood that Kishore Kumar was taking interest in Leena. That’s why he warned Leena that she should tie Rakhi to Kishore Kumar. Otherwise he will marry you.

Kishore Kumar had proposed like this
After meeting that day, he came to know the sad story of Leena. Then one day Kishore Da said to Leena, if she wants to settle down in life then she is ready with the proposal. Leena could not understand the manner in which Kishore Kumar said. Kishore Kumar clearly said that he wanted to marry her. Leena was shocked to hear this and she immediately refused.

When Leena said yes to marry Kishore Kumar
It is said that couples used to come from above, so it was the wish of the above one for this relationship as well. It so happened that Leela’s family members also considered her responsible for her condition. Once when her military father abused her, she left in anger. He remembered Kishore Kumar’s proposal on the streets of Mumbai. He called and asked, if his proposal is ready even today then it is yes from his side. Hearing this, Kishore Kumar also immediately said yes.

Leena did not agree even after a million persuasions
When Leena’s relatives came to know that their daughter was about to marry Kishore Kumar, they created a huge ruckus. He explained a lot to Leena and even told her that if she wants to marry Amit Kumar, she should not marry Kishore Kumar. But as they say, ‘love doesn’t stop for someone’s permission’, after all the protests, Kishore and Leena got married.

When Kishore Kumar sang ‘Nafrat Karne Walon Ke’ for his mother-in-law and father-in-law
When his parents got the news, he got angry and started preparing to leave Mumbai. Kishore Kumar did not want that his mother-in-law and father-in-law had to leave Mumbai because of him. So he took Leena to her parents’ house and started singing loudly, ‘Nafart karne walon ke seene ke pyaar bhar doon’. The magic of Kishore Kumar’s voice or his style or the helplessness of Leena’s parents. After listening to this song, his displeasure went away and he accepted his daughter’s relationship.

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