New Delhi: Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most hardworking actors in the film industry. His fans also know how daring he is. There are also many such action scenes in his films which he likes to do himself. An anecdote related to his film ‘Koyla’ is also very dangerous. Today we are going to tell you about such a story related to this film of Shahrukh, after which Shahrukh’s life was narrowly saved. If there was even a little delay, Shahrukh could have lost his life.

Shahrukh Khan works very hard for each of his films. He also does justice to each of his characters. But for some time, his films were not able to win the hearts of the audience. People felt that now the era of Shahrukh is over. Then four years later, King Khan returned with the film Pathan and this film proved that Shahrukh’s charm is still going on. His film raised the flag of success at the box office. All this is the effect of their hard work. You can also get proof of how hard he works for his films from his film Koyla. In a scene of this film, Shahrukh was badly trapped in the flames. His life could also have been lost. But somehow everything was handled at the unit and Shahrukh’s life was saved.

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Helicopter passed near Shahrukh’s head
The talk happened during the time when Shahrukh’s film Koyal was being shot. Shahrukh Khan was the victim of an accident during the shooting of the film, he narrowly survived. Actually, an action scene was to be done in the film. During an interview, King Khan himself mentioned that he almost died twice in the film. Shahrukh played the role of Shankar in the film. In which he had to come running and the helicopter follows him. The helicopter had to pass over Shahrukh’s head and Shahrukh had to fall after doing acrobatics. But due to the mistake of the pilot, it passes right through Shahrukh’s head. Had there been a slight mistake, even Shahrukh’s life could have been lost. The helicopter has injured Shahrukh and he has actually fallen. But there was not much injury.

Shahrukh’s life was narrowly saved
Not only this, in another scene of this film Shahrukh’s life was made. In a scene of the film, Shahrukh has to run away by setting his body on fire, but while doing this scene, when his body was set on fire, the fire started growing very fast. Usually only stuntmen do this, but Shahrukh did this scene himself. However, Shah Rukh Khan wore fireproof clothes and applied water gel on his face. The effect of this water gel lasts only for 15 seconds. Shahrukh Khan was engulfed badly by the flames. The flames increased so much that it was out of control.

Please tell that Shahrukh had told in his interview that when the fire did not go out, he fell on the ground. Everyone started trying to extinguish the fire. People threw wet blankets on them. Meanwhile, a boy felt that fire was coming on his face. He sprayed carbon dioxide on his face. Even Shahrukh Khan’s breath had stopped for a minute. That time was very scary for him.

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