Venkatesh Prasad on KL Rahul: There was a lot of verbal war on Twitter between former Indian player Venkatesh Prasad and Akash Chopra regarding Indian batsman KL Rahul. On one hand Venkatesh Prasad was seen criticizing KL Rahul, on the other hand Akash Chopra was in his support. The ‘Twitter war’ of both gradually became an issue. Venkatesh Prasad also called Akash Chopra as Rahul’s agent. Now Venkatesh Prasad broke the silence regarding these tweets of KL Rahul.

‘I didn’t cross the line’

Meanwhile, KL Rahul played a brilliant innings in the first ODI between India and Australia to bring the team to victory. Venkatesh Prasad had also praised Rahul on this. But now he broke the silence regarding the tweets made about Rahul. Speaking on ‘CNN News 18’, he said, “I have nothing against anyone but I say whatever I feel. Some people get it, some don’t. It is up to them. It is not that I have talked only about KL Rahul. I had also expressed my opinion on Sarfaraz Ahmed who is performing brilliantly. I am sure I have not crossed the line. Some people have taken it very seriously and some have criticized it.

‘I just wanted to say what I felt’

The former fast bowler further said, “Look, I have a lot of respect for KL Rahul. I have been watching him for almost 15 years from under-16. Have followed him and worked with him at many places including NCA, Indian Cricket Team. He was given a long rope and that is enough for the kind of ability that he has. But the talent he is, he has not lived up to it. I’m sure it will get better over the next few months, but I’m not being harsh in saying this. I had to say what I felt.”

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