This Bengaluru Company Is Looking For Chief Meme Officer And The Salary Is...

The candidate should have a great understanding of the finance market

Are you crazy about memes? If yes, then this job is for you. A Bengaluru-based company StockGro is looking for a Chief Meme Officer at a salary of Rs 1 lakh a month. The company shared the post on LinkedIn a week ago.

The remote-working job opportunity requires a candidate to turn finance and the stock market into a laughter riot. Job responsibility includes creating relatable memes for GenZ and millennials.

The candidate should have a great understanding of the finance market and should have the ability to connect the dots between finance and funny trends. That’s not all, the candidate should have the ability to create funny finance-related memes, be a quirky wordsmith with a good sense of humor, should have an obsession with memes and a genuine love for all things quirky and hilarious. Lastly, the candidate should have excellent communication skills and the ability to work well in a team.

The company has urged people on LinkedIn to refer their meme-enthusiastic friends for this job and they can win an iPad if the person they refer is hired.

Check out the post here:

According to the job listing, the Chief Meme Officer will be tasked with crafting content that not only makes us laugh but also stays true to our brand’s tone and message. It’s a challenge to strike a balance between being hilarious and on-brand, but we’re sure you’re up for it, you finance-savvy ninja!


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