Mumbai: Many such actresses came in Bollywood in the 60s, who left a deep mark in the industry. Some won the hearts of the audience with their performance and some with their beauty. One of these actresses was Sadhna Shivdasani, who made her Bollywood debut in 1960. Along with her films, Sadhana became famous for two things, one for her churidar salwar suit and the other for her hair style. Sadhna Cut Hairstyle, once upon a time Sadhna Haircut became very popular in India. Many girls were seen in this hairstyle (Sadhana Cut Hair Style) and even today it is no less popular.

There was a reason behind Sadhna’s hairstyle and that was her broad forehead, to hide which she adopted this hairstyle. Sadhana made her debut in 1960 with ‘Love in Shimla’ and the film proved to be a super hit. Sadhna’s closeness to the film’s director RK Nayyar was also not in the news. The song ‘Jhumka Gira Re’ picturized on Sadhna became very famous. His professional life was a hit, but his personal life was full of ups and downs.

Sadhana was born in 1941 in a Sindhi family in Karachi. She always wanted to become an actress and fulfilled her dream. His very first film was a superhit. After this, she appeared in lead roles in many films and married the director of her first film after dating him for 6 years. After a few years, Sadhna also left the industry. She was very happy with her husband, but there was a big gap in both of their lives.

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Who would not remember Sadhna Shivdasani?

Sadhna and RK Nayyar had no children. In such a situation, when RK Nayyar passed away after 30 years of marriage, Sadhna was completely alone. Meanwhile, Sadhana got into a lot of trouble. Because, the house where she was living, a case was going on. In such a situation, his financial condition also started deteriorating and his health too. Even after being ill, Sadhna often had to visit the court due to the case going on at her house, and in the meantime, she died on 25 December 2015.

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