You too must have seen the 70s film Sholay not once or twice but many times. ‘Sholay’ is given the status of Bollywood’s all-time superhit film. From ‘Jai’, ‘Veeru’, ‘Basanti’, ‘Mausi’ and ‘Kalia’, you too will remember each and every character of this film. Perhaps each and every dialogue of ‘Gabbar’ in the film will also be remembered. Yes, why not? The combination of director Ramesh Sippy and writer Salim Javed is such that one feels like watching their films again and again. Ramesh Sippy’s film, which has made films like ‘Sita-Geeta’, ‘Zanjeer’ and ‘Andaz’, has a lot to offer. The scene captures people’s hearts and minds and the biggest example of this is the film ‘Sholay’.

People may remember each character and each dialogue of ‘Sholay’, but today we will tell you about a character in this film, who played a double role in the film. You must have seen the film many times, but you might not remember who was the character who played a double role in the film and if you remember then you are definitely one of the biggest fans of Sholay.

first character in the beginning of the film
Mushtaq Merchant was the actor who played a double character in ‘Sholay’. Mushtaq, who worked in 80 films like ‘Jawani Deewani’ and ‘Sagar’ in a career spanning two decades, played not one but two characters in ‘Sholay’. If you see the character, you might remember it. Mustaq played the first character in the first 20 minutes of the film.

Mustaq’s first character
You must remember that famous train scene of ‘Sholay’, in which Sanjeev Kumar i.e. ‘Thakur Baldev Singh’, ‘Jai’ and ‘Veeru’ are seen handcuffed. When ‘Thakur’ takes ‘Jai’ and ‘Veeru’ to the guard cabin of the train, ‘Jai’-‘Veeru’ encounter ‘Gabbar’ and his army of bandits. Mustaq played the role of the driver driving the train in this machine. During this, it is seen in a scene that ‘Jai’ was firing at the dacoit and ‘Veeru’ was having fun with the driver Mustaq. This was Mustaq’s first role.

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Mustaq’s second character
Let us tell you about his second character, Mushtaq’s second character is during the song of the film ‘Sholay’, which is sung by Jai and Veeru on a motorcycle and side car. This is the song ‘Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge’. Even today, this song, which is a witness of friendship, is an all-time superhit. Like the friendship of ‘Jai’ and ‘Veeru’, the motorcycle and the side car also became very famous, but you will also remember that the motorcycle was stolen. The character of the man with whom ‘Jay’ and ‘Veeru’ ride the motorcycle was also not played by Mustaq. During this, a small glimpse of Mustaq is seen, but now if you see the film ‘Sholay’, then definitely note that there was such a character, who played not one but two characters in that film.

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