Taylor Swift Fans Get Married In The Middle Of Her Concert: ''It Was Really Thrilling''

The video has received mixed reactions on Twitter.

American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift kicked off her long-awaited Eras tour in Arizona on Friday. At the concert, the pop star performed hits and fan favorites from her nearly two-decade career. However, one special moment stole the show when a couple decided to get married in the middle of the concert.

A video of the incident which is going viral on social media shows Rene Hurtado tying the knot with her partner Max Bochman while standing in the front row at Taylor Swift’s second show in Glendale, Arizona. Dressed in a white dress and veil, the bride is seen exchanging vows with the groom in a tuxedo. As the newlyweds shared a kiss upon completion of vows, Swifties in attendance erupted in cheers and claps.

This video was shared by the Twitter page @TheSwiftSociety and originally posted on TikTok by @madimarotta.

Watch the video here:

The bride told TMZ that the couple discussed eloping on the day of her concert and having the event serve as their wedding reception. However, they later decided to make their favorite artist a part of their nuptials by getting married during her concert.

”It was really thrilling and exciting. I’m so glad we did it. It was really special, and the timing during the concert was so beautiful”, she told Rolling Stone, The couple’s ‘real’ wedding reception is slated for March 2024, where they plan to take on a hip-hop theme.

Meanwhile, the video received mixed reactions on Twitter. While some were happy for the couple, others called their actions ”rude” and ”disrespectful.” One user wrote, ”Is it just me or does anyone else think is kind of rude? Like it kind of just seems like quite the opposite of concert etiquette.” Another commented, ”Probably an unpopular opinion but, kinda disrespectful. Like, not the time, not the place. This is Taylor’s show, not yours.

A third defended them saying, ”it was during “intermission” and it’s not like they were blocking views or anything anyone could’ve ignored.”

In similar video that went viral, a man was seen proposing to his girlfriend, in the backdrop of Taylor Swift performing her all-time favorite song, Love Story.


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