Sunil Shetty ready to blast with ‘Hera Pheri 3’, yet this fear is haunting, said – at least the story of the film…

New Delhi: People have not been able to forget Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty and Paresh Rawal’s film ‘Hera Pheri’ even today. Fans are now very excited about the third part of this popular franchise. Sunil Shetty is also going to be seen in an important role in Hera Pheri 3. There is also a great news for the fans of the actor that he will also be seen in the web series ‘Hunter’. But from his upcoming film ‘Hera Pheri 3’, the actor is having a fear which he himself has told. Along with this, he also revealed that when its shooting is going to start.

Ever since the announcement of the film ‘Hera Pheri 3’ has been made, the level of excitement of the fans has been increasing. There is still time to start the shooting of the film. Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty, Paresh Rawal are there in this film. Along with this, Sanjay Dutt is also going to show his mettle in this film. A few days ago he had also confirmed this. Everyone’s eyes are set on the release of the film ‘Hera Pheri 3’, directed by Farhad Samji. The excitement of fans about this film is often seen on social media. Now Sunil Shetty has also expressed his fear about this film.

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Sunil Shetty said about the script
Sunil Shetty is going to share the screen with Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal after almost two decades. Sunil Shetty himself is also very excited about working in this film. Recently, he said in his interview to Pinkvilla, ‘Yes and no, because this time also the same characters are going to be seen in the film and this is their journey, so you will not need to show that kind of gap in terms of story. All I know is that it’s a great script. It is an emotional journey. Again the story of three people and their struggle will be shown in this film.

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Sunil Shetty has hope from the fans
Sunil Shetty also told that Sanjay Dutt is also in an important role in the film. He also revealed his fear about the film. He said, ‘The only fear is whether we can get even remotely close to the original. The story of Hera Pheri had touched the hearts of the people. I want Hera Pheri 3 to get at least that much love from the public. The shooting of this film will take place in the last months of this year. The makers are currently engaged in finalizing the dates with the actors. I myself am eagerly waiting for this film.

Please tell that Sunil Shetty also told in his conversation that once the dates are finalized, it will also be decided that the shooting of ‘Hera Pheri 3’ can start from the middle of 2023. Apart from this film, he also mentioned about the sequel of ‘Bhagam Bhag’. Apart from this, he will also be seen in the sequel of Sunil Shetty’s ‘Awara Pagal Deewana’.

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