We are excited to announce the impending release of A24’s highly anticipated Talking Heads concert movie “Stop Making Sense” as a group of movie enthusiasts. The band’s illustrious 1983 performance tour is honored in this movie. Fans of the band and music aficionados, in general, can expect a visual and sonic feast.

Jonathan Demme, who directed the movie, does a masterful job of capturing the enthusiasm and charisma that the band’s vocalist, David Byrne, and the other band members had throughout their performances. The movie also has avant-garde staging and lighting, which distinguishes it from other concert movies of the era.

One of the film’s highlights is Byrne’s opening performance, in which he enters a stage that is empty save for a boombox and builds up the sound and intensity by introducing band members and instruments one at a time. The result is an incredible rendition of the hit song “Psycho Killer” that serves as the concert’s opening act.

Other fan favorites including “Burning Down the House,” “Living During Wartime,” and “Once in a Lifetime” are also featured in the movie and are played with the same fervor and intensity for which the band is renowned.

The movie also features footage of the band members during rehearsals and behind-the-scenes interviews that give viewers an inside look at how the tour was put together in addition to the concert footage.

“Stop Making Sense” celebrates the talent and originality of one of the most important bands in music history rather than merely being a concert movie. Anyone who enjoys music and wants to witness the magic of a Talking Heads concert must watch it.

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