Mumbai: Gayatri Joshi made her debut with Shah Rukh Khan in the 2004 film ‘Swades’. It is said that in films where Shahrukh is in the lead, the actress doesn’t get much notice, but proving this wrong, the newbie actress Gayatri not only touched the hearts of the audience with her performance, but also won many awards including Best Female Debut Actress. done your name. It was believed that in the coming times Gayatri’s star would be on high in Bollywood, but Gayatri suddenly left Bollywood shocking everyone. Why did Gayatri do this?

Actually, Gayatri Joshi started modeling from the days of college. Before venturing into the film industry, she had modeled for brands like Bombay Dyeing, Sun Silk Shampoo, LG, Philips, Hyundai. Gayatri had appeared in an advertisement of Hyundai with Shahrukh Khan even before the film ‘Swadesh’.

Gayatri got married after marrying a businessman
After the superhit film ‘Lagaan’, Ashutosh Gowariker made a film ‘Swadesh’ full of patriotism on another new subject. Shah Rukh Khan was in the lead role in this film and Gayatri Joshi of Naya Chehra was cast with him. Gayatri’s simple acting was liked by the audience, but instead of capitalizing on the success of the first film, Gayatri married businessman Vikas Oberoi in the year 2005. Gayatri and Vikas are parents of 2 children and Gayatri is happy with her family.

gayatri joshi

Gayatri Joshi broke ties with the film industry after marriage. (Photo Credits: Gayatri Joshi/twitter)

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Shah Rukh Khan was emotionally attached to ‘Swadesh’
It is interesting that when Ashutosh Gowariker approached Shah Rukh Khan for ‘Swadesh’, after listening to the story of the film, he said that the film is good but will not work. Because the content of this film was great but there were no hit formulas like normal films. However, while doing ‘Swadesh’, Shahrukh became emotionally attached to this film. Shahrukh Khan had told in an interview to the media that he became so emotional about the ending of ‘Swadesh’ that he himself never saw his film till the end. This is the first Indian film in which scenes from inside the NASA Research Center were shown.

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