His fans call Shahrukh Khan by names like ‘King Khan’, ‘King of Romance’, ‘Badshah’ of Bollywood. Sometimes he played the role of son and brother, and sometimes he appeared in the image of a romantic hero in the film. However, recently he broke his image as well and appeared on the silver screen as a ‘nationalist’ Pathan. By the way, Shah Rukh Khan has given many tremendous films till now and he is known as the most successful actor of Bollywood. But he gave some very good films, whose story was hit and songs were also hit, not only that he has created history in terms of earning. These are the films which are known as the most watched films of Shah Rukh Khan. Talking about Shah Rukh Khan’s lifetime box office performance, he has released 65 films so far. Of these, 12 films have been Blockbuster/Superhit, 20 films Hit/Semi Hit, 9 films have been average hits and 24 films have been flops.


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