For the first time in SCR history, nine ticket checking staff collected a record amount of fines of ₹ 1 crore each from commuters traveling without ticket, irregular traveling and un-booked luggage on Tuesday.

The nine staff members collected ₹9.62 crore from 1.16 lakh commuters in all through their intensive ticket checking drives in various trains. An individual ticket checking staff collecting ₹1 crore in earning has not happened before and leading the pack is Chief Ticket Inspector (CTI) T. Natarajan of Secunderabad division with ₹1.16 crore collected from 12,689 passengers traveling without ticket /irregular tickets and carrying unbooked luggage .

Other ‘crorepatis’ are: CTI (Renigunta) G. Udayaram Singh – ₹1.5 crore & 16,061 cases, Traveling Ticket Inspector (TTI) P. Rakesh (Secunderabad) – ₹1.2 crore & 13,055 cases, Traveling Ticket Examiner (TTE) E. Suresh (Dornakal) – ₹1.09 crore & 13,132 cases, TTI M.Sampath (Dornakal) – ₹1.06 crore & 12,577 cases, TTI P. Brahmanandam (Secunderabad) – ₹1.03 crore & 12,626 cases, CTI MJ Mathews (Gudivada) – ₹ 1.03 crore & 12,701 cases, TTI BM Sai Kiran (Secunderabad) – ₹1.02 crore & 12,533 cases and TTI L.Sujith Reddy (Secunderabad) – ₹1 crore & 11,157 cases.

General Manager Arun Kumar Jain commended the ticket checking staff for their exemplary performance and the entire commercial wing for their continuous efforts in curbing ticketless and irregular travel. He also appealed to the rail passengers to travel with valid tickets, said a press release.


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