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The journey to WWE has been an interesting one

New Delhi: By the way, many wrestlers tried their hand in the world of WWE. But only a few of them could reach the height of their career. Many wrestlers also earned a lot of name. There is one such name in WWE, which has made crores of people crazy in a short span of time. As soon as he stepped into the world of wrestling, he earned a lot of name within a year. We are talking about WWE’s biggest superstar Roman Reigns. Today we will tell you some interesting information related to his life.

Roman Reigns was born in Florida. He is known as Roman Reigns in WWE. But his real name is Letty Joseph Anoi. Let us tell you that Roman’s career started not with wrestling but with football. He used to play football during college days. He first played football for his college, Georgia Tech. After that he also started participating in the Canadian Football League and National Football League.

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How did you come to WWE?
Actually, the reason for Roman coming to WWE was very interesting. In the year 2008, he was part of a team in the Canadian Football League. That season was not good for him and the franchise released him. That’s why Roman thought of making his career in the world of WWE. He himself did not know that being out of football would be such a big achievement for him. He made his debut in WWE on 9 September 2010.

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Roman battling cancer
The story of Roman Reigns is very painful. Actually, he is battling cancer for the last 16 years. He has leukemia. Which is a type of blood cancer. He told on live TV in the year 2018 that he is battling leukemia. He told that he is suffering from cancer since 2007.

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