Munni's infamous dance between pyres at the cremation ground in Jaipur

Munni’s infamous dance between pyres at the cremation ground in Jaipur
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The incident took place at Pratap Nagar Haldighati Marg cremation ground in Jaipur during the staging of the play Shamshan Ghat. It comes under the jurisdiction of Mokshadham Municipal Corporation. A big question has arisen that whether such dances and songs are appropriate or inappropriate at the religious cremation ground where people perform the last rites of their relatives with a lot of faith and faith? Does our religion and culture allow this? The question has also arisen whether this is a dirty joke with Sanatan and Hindu religion culture, what will happen to the hearts of those families whose ashes of their loved ones are at the cremation ground, where Munni Badnaam song was danced?

Video of drama in Pratap Nagar Mokshadham went viral

In the investigation, it has been found that the viral video is from Pratap Nagar Mokshadham in Jaipur. Three days ago on Tuesday night after 8 pm, in the presence of some invited people and female audience, theater artistes staged a play named ‘Crematorium Ghat’. Local people and Hindu organizations have raised strong objections to Bollywood songs and dances during this period.

VHP metropolitan president said – case should be filed against the organizer and artists

In Jaipur, Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s metropolitan president Sanganer department Arjun Singh said – VHP opposes such activities. Strict action should be taken against such people. Hindu religion and faith have been hurt. Was the permission given to perform this drama at the crematorium. If not given then how was the event organized and if it was given then action should be taken against the concerned officials. The Municipal Corporation should take strict action against the organizers of this play. Care should be taken that such incidents do not happen in future. A case should be registered against the organizer and artists of the play.

Faith hurt by film dance in drama at cremation ground

The method of this drama at the cremation ground has raised many serious questions that the stage was decorated in front of the place where the urns for immersion of bones are kept after setting fire to the bier throughout the day. Speakers were installed under the shed meant for the funeral. 150 chairs were also placed in front of the stage for the audience. The songs on which the dance was shown in the play are usually played at parties. Both the songs are taken from Salman Khan’s films, ‘Munni Badnaam Hui’ and ‘Dil Deewana Bin Sajna Ke’. Most of the people and VHP workers who express displeasure argue that art and artists are always respected but we should not hurt anyone’s religious faith, customs, culture, reverence and spiritual-cultural values. No one’s feelings should be hurt. If the play had to be done, then the scene of the cremation ground would have been created by putting up a play or film artificial setup and the play would have been staged and recorded at another place. It is wrong to do this at the actual cremation ground. Everyone is surprised to see dance on Bollywood songs like ‘Munni Badnaam Hui’ amid thunderous applause in the cremation ground where people shed tears on death, funeral pyres are lit. Its video is going viral on social media. Expressing displeasure on this video, people are also commenting like religious sentiments are hurt.

The director and writer of the play said – the aim is to remove the evils of the society

The director and writer of the play Jitendra Sharma argued that for the first time the play has been staged in a unique way in the dark of night at the cremation ground. The purpose of the drama is to remove the evils of the society. For this, there could not have been a better platform than Mokshadham. The name of the play was ‘Shamshaan Ghat’. It is inspired by true events. We had to convey the message through the play that human life is very short. But people shorten their life due to bad thoughts and bad habits. That’s why we want people to adopt good thoughts and keep humanity ahead. Our message could have gone better from the crematorium itself. So that people can come there and see, understand and connect with the subject. Swami Vivekananda lived only 40 years, but made life very big with his good thoughts, we wanted to give this message to the people through this play.


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