VVS Laxman Praised Railway employee Mayur Shelke: There have been many such people in the world who have saved the lives of others by risking their lives. It is also said that what to live if you live for yourself? Life is that which can be useful to someone. One such video is going viral on social media these days. In this video a child falls down on the track at the railway station. In such a situation, a railway employee saves that innocent by running on the railway track below, regardless of his life. This video has been shared by former Indian cricketer VVL Laxman. Laxman has praised railway employee Mayur Shelke for this noble work.

Risked life for child

This incident is of a railway station. Actually a blind mother reaches the railway station with her 6 year old child. She moves forward with the child on the platform. During this, while walking on the platform, the child slips and falls down on the rail track. The train is coming on the same track. The helpless mother screams loudly after hearing the sound of the child falling down on the railway track. In such a situation, railway employee Mayur Shelke comes running on the railway track with a flag in his hand, regardless of his life. They pick up the child a few seconds before the arrival of the train. His bold and commendable work is being praised fiercely on social media.

VVL Laxman praised

Former Indian cricketer VVS Laxman has praised Mayur Shelke by tweeting this video. Laxman tweeted and wrote, ‘Congratulations to Mayur Shelke, who risked his life and saved the life of a 6-year-old child of a blind mother. Railways announced a cash award for Mayur Shelke. Shelke donated half of this amount for the child’s education. Proud of Mayur’s values.

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