New Delhi: in the world of acting Piyush Mishra Along with his acting, he is also specially recognized for his outspokenness. In films, he breathes life into his characters. Actor and singer Piyush Mishra recently spoke openly on his autobiography ‘Tumhari Aukat Kya Hai Piyush Mishra’ and his friendship with Anurag Kashyam during his interview to News18 Hindi Original. Also made many important revelations regarding Anurag Kashyap.

During their conversation, Piyush Mishra told who is the most stingy person in his group of friends. The actor also told a lot about his book ‘Tumhari Aukat Kya Hai Piyush Mishra’, what important things have been revealed about him in it. He told how he wants to get rid of alcohol and the anger caused by it from his life.

When Jitendra had locked 2 actresses in the same room, yet the stubbornness did not break, when the door was opened after hours…

I’ve always had kind people around me
Talking openly on the friendship of Anurag Kashyam and Piyush Mishra, he says, ‘Anurag is a very proper boy. Whatever he does, he does well. There is a good bonding between us. He took money from me many times, I took money from him many times. This goes on between both of us. Whenever we have a demand for a huge amount, he tells me, I tell him that I want so much money. We both are always ready to help each other. No one else can be daring like Anurag Kashyap, he can put his hand in flowing poison. There is no stinginess in them. I have been very lucky in this matter, there have always been kind hearted people around me.

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Piyush shared his journey through the book
Piyush Mishra also told a lot about his autobiography ‘Tumhari Aukat Kya Hai Piyush Mishra’, ‘This title is based on me only. There is a big reason behind keeping this title. In fact, everyone started considering me as great that the whole generation started worshiping me, Pish Bhai is like this, Piyush Bhai is like that. In such a situation, it was very important to tell them how Pubb Bhai really is. Before respecting me, people should think that I have ever been like this. The main reason for writing this was that people should know my real nature that what I am, what is my status?

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