Ananya Panday’s cousin Alanna Panday has tied the knot with her boyfriend Ivor McCray. Alana and Ivor’s wedding was nothing short of a dream. The pictures of the couple’s wedding are going viral on social media. Meanwhile, a new video of the couple’s wedding has surfaced on social media, which has surprised everyone.

In the video, the love birds are seen performing their wedding rituals while sitting in the mandap. The pandit can be heard chanting while conducting the marriage. However, during this time they commit a huge mistake. Pandit addresses Ivor as Inder by mistake. In such a situation, Alana and the whole family start laughing out loud while Ivor did not know anything about the oops moment. The pundit said in Hindi, “We have gathered here to see the wedding of Alana and Inder.” Alana’s mother, Dean, corrects the pundit and then asks her to say it again.

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