Mar 21, 2023, 04:35PM ISTSource: ANI

Odisha celebrated Pakhala Diwas on March 20. March 20 is celebrated every year as Pakhala Diwas by Odias across the world where people eat the cuisine. A traditional Odia dish, Pakhala is prepared with rice, curd, cucumber, cumin seeds, fried onions and mint leaves. It is popularly served with dry roasted vegetables such as potato, brinjal, spinach or fried fish. The cooked rice is lightly fermented in water. The liquid part of the dish is known as Torani. It is a typical summer-time Odia staple diet. Pakala, also known as Dahi Pakhala along with assorted side dishes. This lunch is often preferred to beat the summer heat in eastern India.Lenin Mohanty, Chairman of Odisha Tourism Development Corporation said, “This day started in 2011 and today a big function has been organized on this day in which we are working to promote our nutritious food to the world. This nutritious food is good for everyone.


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