Bushra Begum, Imran Khan’s wife, was at home when police entered their house.

Lahore/New Delhi:

The police entered the home of former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan in Lahore on Saturday while he was on his way to Islamabad for a court hearing in a corruption case, officials from his political party said.

Bushra Begum, Mr Khan’s wife, was at home when police broke into his house.

“Meanwhile Punjab police have led an assault on my house in Zaman Park where Bushra Begum is alone. Under what law are they doing this? This is part of London Plan where commitments were made to bring absconder Nawaz Sharif to power as quid pro quo for agreeing to an appointment,” Mr Khan tweeted.

His party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, shared a video on its official Twitter account that showed Mr Khan’s supporters at his home being lathicharged by the policemen.

The move follows days of standoff and intense clashes between his supporters and the police earlier this week when attempts were made to arrest him for skipping multiple previous hearings.

Security forces had fired tear gas and water cannons at hundreds of Mr Khan’s supporters who had cordoned off his home in an effort to prevent his arrest.

Imran Khan, who was shot and wounded while campaigning in November, 2022, had said in an interview that the threat to his life is greater than before.

Mr Khan was ousted by a no-confidence vote last year and has been snarled in dozens of legal cases as he campaigns for early elections and a return to office.

As the political drama unfolds, the nation is facing a stark economic downturn, risking default if help cannot be secured from the International Monetary Fund.


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