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ODI World Cup 2023 Qualifier Super League

ODI World Cup 2023: The ODI World Cup is to be played in India in October-November this year. For this, the top 8 teams will directly qualify in the league stage. Apart from this, the remaining two teams will come to the league round after the qualifier round. Seven positions of the top 8 have been confirmed. If the World Cup is to be held in India, then automatically Team India qualifies as the host. Apart from that, England, Australia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan and New Zealand have also confirmed their places. Now there is danger over some top teams. Only one team from South Africa, West Indies, Sri Lanka and Ireland can go directly to the league round. The remaining three will have to play in the qualifiers, which will begin on June 18.

Let us tell you that a total of 10 teams will play in the qualifiers round. Out of which only two will be able to make it to the main round. That means the competition will be very tough and some of the top teams are also in danger of being out of the World Cup. West Indies (88) are at the forefront of this, which is still in eighth place but they do not have any matches left. Sri Lanka (77) have three ODIs against New Zealand, Ireland (68) have a series against Bangladesh at home and South Africa (78) have two matches against the Netherlands. That is, one of these teams can easily leave West Indies behind. You get 10 points for winning a match.

Can any big team be out of the World Cup?

Not only this, South Africa, Sri Lanka and West Indies, any two of these teams will have to play the qualifiers. Where there will be a total of 10 teams and only two will go to the main round. The qualifiers will have teams like Zimbabwe, Netherlands, Scotland who can beat any team. At the same time, possibly Ireland and Namibia can also go to the qualifiers, which had stunned many big teams in the T20 World Cup. In such a situation, any two teams from Africa, West Indies and Sri Lanka will go to this round, they will have to push their heels to qualify. Otherwise we can see that any big team can be out of this tournament.

Nepal entered by defeating UAE

If we talk about the qualifier round, Nepal has captured one of the 10 places in the qualifiers by defeating UAE on Thursday in the League 2 match. Means now five teams Zimbabwe, Netherlands, Scotland, Oman and Nepal are fixed. At the same time, three teams will go to the qualifiers from South Africa, West Indies, Sri Lanka and Ireland. Jersey, Canada, USA, Papua New Guinea, UAE and Namibia will clash in the qualifier play-off for the remaining two spots from March 24. Only the top two teams of this league will make it to the qualifiers after which the names of the teams playing all the 10 qualifier rounds will be decided.

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