Mohammad Amir Exclusive Interview: The new season of IPL is about to start. Would you like to see Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Amir play in IPL? Now you must be thinking how is this possible. How will a Pakistani player get a chance to play in IPL? Former Pakistan fast bowler Mohammad Amir himself has disclosed this in an exclusive conversation with ABP.

In fact, Mohammad Amir is currently playing Legends League Cricket on behalf of Asia Lions in Qatar’s capital Doha. During this, ABP asked him in an exclusive interview that after leaving international cricket, will Aamir be seen playing in IPL by taking UK (United Kingdom) citizenship? In response to this question, Aamir laughed and said, “Look, I haven’t got British citizenship yet, it will be next year. No one knows what the future plan is when the passport comes in hand.”

Will Mohammad Amir play in IPL?

Next, Aamir said, “The situation in Pakistan-India is such that what happens today, what happens tomorrow, no one knows anything. Who knows, tomorrow I will start playing for Pakistan again, or go to some other country. Go, you don’t know all this, so I always feel that nothing should be talked about before time, when the time comes then everyone comes to know.”

In Pakistan Super League 2023, Mohammad Amir has taken 9 wickets in 7 matches at an average of 23.33. 30-year-old Mohammad Amir is currently playing Legends League cricket in Qatar’s capital Doha. Aamir is playing on behalf of Asia Lions in this tournament, whose captain is Misbah-ul-Haq. Now it has to be seen whether Mohammad Aamir really after taking citizenship of England next year Indian Premier League I am seen playing or not.

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