Shoaib Akhtar on Virat Kohli: Indian batsman Virat Kohli has so far scored a total of 75 centuries in his international career. Virat Kohli is the second batsman after Sachin Tendulkar to score the maximum number of centuries in international cricket. Former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar often talks about Virat Kohli’s century. He always speaks in support of Kohli, but this time he spoke big about King Kohli. He said that if he had played in our era, he would have scored only 30 to 50 centuries.

Talking on the occasion of Legends League Cricket in Doha, Akhtar said that if Virat Kohli had played in our times, we would have sledged him a lot. Virat Kohli would have found it very difficult. Shoaib Akhtar said, “If I, Waqar Younis and Wasim Akram were at their peak, Virat would have found it very difficult. We would sledge him and being a Punjabi he would reply. We used to tease him a lot.

In our era only 30 to 50 centuries could have been scored.

Shoaib further explained why Kohli could score only 30-50 centuries in his time. Talking further, Akhtar said, “If he had played in our times, he would not have scored more than 70 centuries, but could have scored only 30 to 50 centuries, but those centuries would have been of a different category. We personally feel Sunil Gavaskar was the greatest, especially when he played against the bowlers of the 80s, they were the toughest bowlers to face. Gavaskar had scored close to 34 centuries then. Sachin is also great because he faced the bowling of our times, which had no restrictions on bowlers.

Akhtar gave the recipe to Virat Kohli to cross 100 centuries

Apart from this, Akhtar also told how Virat Kohli can cross the figure of 100 centuries. Akhtar said about this, “I appeal to Virat Kohli to play till the age of 43, you still have 8 or 9 years. India will feed you even in a wheelchair and take you to 100 centuries. I think he will score 110 centuries till his retirement.

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