Karnal: There is a lot of fanfare these days in Karnal of Haryana. This dhoom of film artists will continue till March 19. For the first time, there is a gathering of film artists in CM City i.e. Karnal. Bollywood artist Yashpal Sharma arrived here, who started the 6th edition of International Film Festival Haryana. Yashpal Sharma was seen dancing fiercely on Ragini and Dhol. Bollywood actress Rituparna Sengupta was also present with him.

Best films, feature films, short films, documentaries, music videos will also be shown in the film festival organized at Sector-14 Government College, Karnal. For this festival, 55 films have been selected from different countries and states, of which 14 are feature films. Apart from this, there are also 28 short films, animation cartoon films, music videos and web series. Here they will also be awarded titles.

Artists will tell how films are made
Artists from far and wide will come daily in this International Film Festival, who will introduce children to the film world. Will tell how films are made. What things are taken care of and what do the people of today like in films. On the first day, when film artist Yashpal Sharma started the International Film Festival, there was a lot of fanfare everywhere.

Late artists remembered
At the same time, the children are also happy that they will get to learn something new. Along with this, there will be a chance to meet big artists of the field industry. Yashpal Sharma’s upcoming film Chhipkali will also be screened at this film festival in Karnal. On the first day those artists were also remembered, who are no longer in this world. Silence was observed for him and tributes were paid.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : March 16, 2023, 17:01 IST


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