Energy Minister AK Sharma held a meeting with Chief Minister Yogi on Saturday afternoon and informed him about the situation.

Energy Minister AK Sharma held a meeting with Chief Minister Yogi on Saturday afternoon and informed him about the situation.
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The UP government has started action against the power workers who went on strike. After a meeting with Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Saturday afternoon, the State Energy Minister had warned the striking employees to return to work by 6 pm. However, before that a case was registered against 22 employee leaders. Action will be taken against all of them under ESMA. At the same time, 1300 contract workers have also been dismissed. Due to the strike, there was a power crisis in many districts of the state. Production in factories has come to a standstill and water supply has also been disrupted.

Addressing the media after the meeting after the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, the Energy Minister said that the Chief Minister has been informed about the whole matter. FIR is being registered against 22 leaders of Vidyut Karmachari Sangharsh Samiti. Action will be taken against these people under ESMA. Six of these are being suspended.

The Energy Minister informed that action has also been taken against the contract workers. Till now the service of 1332 has been terminated. Action will be taken against others till evening. No one will be spared. Everyone is appealed to return to work in the interest of the public and their families. Giving four hours time. Those who do not return till 6 pm will be sacked. where sacked. There are other agencies taking students from engineering colleges. Will take the services of new people.

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Energy Minister said that some organizations are on strike for five days. Continuous efforts are being made to talk to him. The doors of dialogue are open. Many organizations are protecting the interests of the public. They are working with integrity. Thanks to all of these. Many private companies have helped in the production unit. The generating capacity is 28 MW. The need is less.

Work is getting affected due to blind storm in 24 hours. At some places the employees created problems which have been neutralised. Strike has no effect. The bug in the wire feeder has been fixed. Attempts were made to short circuit at many places. Some incidents have taken place in Deoria and Azamgarh. The names of all of them have come. Strict action will be taken against all.

Those who harm national property will not be spared. The unrestrained demands of the employees cannot be met. Telling the struggle committee again and again. He said that the High Court has ordered that the strike is against the public interest. This is also contempt. Everyone has been informed about the order of the court. Even after this, the workers are sitting on strike. Now the corporation is compelled to take action against them. The struggle committee is not following the order of the High Court.

Three to four videos of those close to the leaders have also come to the fore. It means that they do not care about the suffering of the people. These leaders do not care about anyone. In such a situation, it is against the national interest.


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