Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi.  file

Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi. file | Photo Credit: PTI

Amidst a political storm over Rahul Gandhi’s “democracy under attack” remarks made in the UK, senior BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi on March 16 said a “deliberate disinformation drive” against Parliament, constitutional institutions and democratic values ​​is being carried out “not by chance but by choice”.

Taking a dig at the Gandhi family, Mr. Naqvi said a “sinister conspiracy” by the “democratically defeated dynasty” in the country and “anti-India coterie” in some foreign countries, “is not a coincidence, but an experiment.”

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“In 2015, when heads of government and Ministers of 54 African countries visited India to discuss the global economic, social, and cultural issues, these pessimistic political players started an ‘award wapsi’ campaign. When the US President was in India in 2020, these people staged ‘Shaheen Bagh’ and now when India is presiding over the G20, there is a pre-planned attack on Indian democracy, its Parliamentary system and transparent Constitutional institutions,” the former Union Minister told reporters in New Delhi.

Some “frustrated and fraudulent people and institutions” are unable to digest India’s rising global stature under the dynamic and effective leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said. “The proprietors of privileged politics” are distressed due to Modi’s “politics of performance”, he said.

Mr. Gandhi’s remarks during his recent trip to the United Kingdom have rocked Parliament, with both Houses failing to transact any significant business on the first four days of the Budget session’s second half.

During his interactions in the UK, Mr. Gandhi alleged that the structures of Indian democracy are under attack and there is a “full-scale assault” on the country’s institutions.

The former Congress president also told British Parliamentarians in London that microphones are often “turned off” in the Lok Sabha when an Opposition member raises important issues.

Mr. Gandhi’s remarks triggered a political slugfest, with the BJP accusing him of maligning India on foreign soil and seeking foreign intervention, and the Congress hitting back at the ruling party by citing instances of Prime Minister Narendra Modi raising internal politics abroad.


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