Mar 22, 2023, 12:28 AM ISTSource: ANI

The Supreme Court expressed its inclination towards constituting an expert committee to determine if the execution of death penalty through hanging was proportionate. After the hearing, Advocate Rishi Malhotra spoke to ANI and informed, “First of all I want to say that we have not challenged the death sentence. According to us, hanging is a cruel and inhuman way to execute someone. USA has removed hanging from 40 of its states as they have adopted the way of executing prisoners by lethal injections. 187th report of the law commission states that where hanging takes 30-40 minutes to declare someone as dead, lethal injections does that in 5 minutes.” Speaking further, he said, “Science and methodology have changed drastically as many developed countries have adopted this method. The learned Attorney General representing the Government of India said that the topic is a matter of discussion and we will form a committee of experts who will examine the method.”


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