Coinbase: The People’s Cryptocurrency Exchange By DailyCoin

© Reuters Coinbase: The People’s Cryptocurrency Exchange

Coinbase (NASDAQ: ) is one of the most popular and trusted crypto exchanges in the blockchain industry. Founded by Brian Armstrong in 2012, Coinbase has seen several crypto market cycles’ euphoric highs and despairing lows. Through its lifespan, the digital asset company has gone from strength to strength and is widely considered the most beginner-friendly crypto exchange.

What is it about that is so appealing to newcomers buying (BTC) and (ETH) for the first time? What kind of features separate Coinbase from competitors like Binance?

For all appearances, Coinbase looks like they’re doing everything right. Executive officer Brian Armstrong stays more or less in line with regulators, and Coinbase stock is publicly traded on Wall Street. Is the San Francisco-based unicorn a reliable place to store crypto assets, or…

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