BJP Won't Let Rahul Gandhi Speak In Parliament Without An Apology: Sources

New Delhi:

Amid chaos in the parliament, leading to adjournment of both houses for the second consecutive day, sources in the BJP today said they won’t let Congress MP Rahul Gandhi speak in the house unless he apologizes for his remarks on Indian democracy in London.

Both houses of the parliament were adjourned again today amid loud sloganeering from the BJP, which is demanding Congress MP Rahul Gandhi apologize for his remarks at Cambridge University, and opposition parties demanding a Joint Parliamentary Committee probe into the Adani-Hindenberg row. Audio of the proceedings were muted while chaos ensued inside the parliament. Congress, repeating Rahul Gandhi’s charge that microphones of opposition leaders were muted in the parliament, took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“Earlier, the mic used to be turned off, today even the proceedings of the House were muted. The house is muted for PM Modi’s friend,” the grand-old-party tweeted in Hindi.

Rahul Gandhi was seen in the Lok Sabha for the second time today since the row erupted over his comments, but the house was adjourned till next week before any business could be done. Mr Gandhi has said he wants to respond to allegations against him inside the house, but the BJP is adamant that he apologizes first.

Calling Mr Gandhi’s remark “egregious and gravely offensive”, BJP National Spokesperson Shehzad Poonawalla said Mr Gandhi should apologize outside before seeking recourse in the parliament.

“It is sad that the EGO on 1 Parivar is above INSTITUTION OF PARLIAMENT (sic)?

Rahul has made an egregious & gravely offensive remark against our sovereignty by demanding foreign intervention on foreign soil

If he is serious about Parliament he should have apologized immediately outside before seeking recourse in Parliament

You cannot undermine Parliament & then seek its recourse

First I apologize to the country (first apologize to the nation),” he tweeted.


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