In the 80s, many actresses came with the dream of becoming a hit in Bollywood. The dream of some actresses proved to be true, but some actresses remained such, who could neither get name nor recognition. She dominated the headlines, but she could not achieve success on the strength of acting. Komila Virk is the name who created a stir in the corridors of Bollywood with her bold style, but could not show the magic of her acting. Komila Virk’s name will be new to some people. But she was one of the bold actresses of her time. His photoshoots were often held in film corridors. Komila was very fascinated to see.

Comila Virk is the same actress, whose discussions were held with Amjad Khan. You must have seen Amjad Khan’s Adhoora Aadmi film released in 1982 as a visionary. Amjad Khan’s girlfriend Kalpana Iyer was also seen in the film. Amjad Khan and Comila Virk had a fight during the film and immediately the actress left the film. However, the matter about which there was a fight between the two did not come in front of the media.

Komila Virk was very beautiful
Komila Virk was as beautiful as Neeta Mehta. But Neeta Jahan avoided showing her body. Wherein, Komila was Bollywood’s Bidance actress. The period after 80 was very difficult for new actresses. Comila worked very hard to establish her footing, the films she did were wonderful as well as she would be like a tadke in films.

Komila was fast in studies
Comila was born in 1953 in Jalandhar. She was fond of becoming an actress since childhood. He loved the glittering world. He did not separate from studies for his hobby. She was very good in studies. After passing 12th, he took a degree in Economics. During this, she entered the world of modeling and also did photoshoots for many brands.

Komila Virk was elected Miss Bombay
When she joined the modeling world, she came to Mumbai and was elected Miss Bombay. In a very short time, he collected a coin in his name. Comilla Virk got her first chance in Bollywood by Deva Anand in his film Ishq Ishq Ishq. After getting the film of such a big filmmaker, Comila’s dreams got wings and she decided to fly big.

When the characters of Vamp Girl started ending…
Due to the competition being tough, the lines of the artists were long, then she decided to establish herself as a bold actress. He has worked not only in Hindi films, but also in Telugu, Kannada Punjabi films. She worked as a vamp girl. But slowly these characters also started ending and Komila also slowly said goodbye to the industry.

mastered astrology
In the 90s, Comila’s name had disappeared from the film world. In an interview, she had told that if she had not left studies, she would have found a reason to stay in Mumbai. Lack of employment kept him away from Mumbai. Meanwhile, he met a British man, who made his career. She married that British man and immediately settled abroad. During this, his curiosity in astrology started increasing. Comila opened a handicraft shop in Britain, in which she used to keep unique things and also read about astrology when she got time. By 1995, he had mastered astrology.

How Comilla Virk became Comilla Sutton
Once an organization there called him to give a lecture on Indian Astrology. After the lecture, he understood that the British had full faith in Vedic astrology, so he started writing a book on Vedic astrology and in a short time Komila Virk became an astrologer.
Comilla Sutton.

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