BJP MLAs protesting in the assembly premises

BJP MLAs protesting in the assembly premises
– Photo: Amar Ujala


Even before the commencement of the Bihar Assembly session, BJP and Male leaders demonstrated in the campus. BJP leaders are creating ruckus by making corruption an issue. At the same time, the Male leader is demanding an apology from the Leader of the Opposition. Male MLAs said that on the Tamil Nadu issue, the BJP spread rumors not only in the House but in the whole of Bihar. The leader of the opposition should be ashamed. We demand that Leader of Opposition Vijay Sinha should apologize on this matter in the House as soon as possible.

As soon as the proceedings of the House started, Vijay Sinha said that the time limit should be fixed. This increases corruption. Responding, the Speaker said that now starred questions will be asked. BJP started protesting on this point. After this, the Assembly Speaker said that the seat is not going to come under anyone’s pressure. Coming to the opposition members in the Well, the Speaker said. Vijay Sinha retorted that fixing of time is necessary to stop recovery. Minister should also set the time. On this, the Speaker said – I will not ask the minister to answer on this, he has already said. Here, when the name was wrongly called, there was a ruckus on Shriram Singh. Said that the answer to the question is wrong, on that the opposition member is tricked by saying wrong name. Ram Ratan Singh is in power and Shriram Singh I am in the opposition.

The government is prompt, so it does not even hide

Answering a question, the minister said that I have received the report in the night itself, if you have any problem then come to me and understand. You come in the evening, we will satisfy you too. There was a lot of laughter on the matter of being satisfied. The Speaker said- The government is prompt, that’s why it does not even hide and is also calling you to come in the evening, it will satisfy you.

Dealer gets margin money on 60 quintals

Minister Lacey Singh said that when Lakhendra Paswan hit the mike to see whether the sound was coming or not, the members quipped that don’t break it again. Laughing, Lakhendra said – No, no. On this the Speaker said – Mike is fine. You Say. Minister Lacey Singh said that a dealer gets around 60 quintals. In that the dealer gets Rs 90 per quintal. In this way he gets 5400 rupees, he gets margin money on 60 quintals. In this, 2700 are being received from the center. If the state is giving 2700, then like Delhi or many other states, the state government will not take margin money 200 or 250 per quintal margin money? When the MLAs of the ruling party started making ruckus on this, Lakhendra Roshan started saying – are you anti-dealer? Are you anti dealer? After this, Leshi Singh said that at present there is no such proposal under the government. On this, the leader of the opposition party, Vijay Sinha said that the dealers are repeatedly agitating and demanding, so why is the government not moving forward seriously on this? When will it grow?


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