Prayagraj News: Weapons and cash recovered from Atiq Ahmed's office.

Prayagraj News: Weapons and cash recovered from Atiq Ahmed’s office.
– Photo: Amar Ujala


On Tuesday, police raided the office located in Karbala area of ​​Khuldabad police station area and recovered ten weapons and about Rs 74.5 lakh. The police had earlier arrested five of Atiq’s henchmen from Dhumanganj area, this recovery took place only on their tip. A machine was called in to count the large amount of cash. Among the five henchmen, one is Atiq’s driver and the other a scribe. The rest three had done Reiki of Umesh Pal. they are being interrogated. Many more secrets related to Umesh murder case are likely to be revealed in the night.

Police involved in the disclosure of Umesh Pal murder case arrested Niyaz Ahmed, Mohammad Sajar, Cash Ahmed, Rakesh Kumar alias Lala and Arshad Katra from Jairampur in Dhumanganj on Tuesday. Cash Ahmed has been a driver in Mafia Atiq’s house for years. Rakesh alias Lala has been working as a scribe at Mafia’s house for 19 years. Police raided Atiq Ahmed’s Karbala office on the pointers of Cash and Rakesh.

A huge amount of cash, arms and cartridges were found in the office. A machine was called to count the bundles of notes. Police Commissioner Ramit Sharma said that five pistols, five pistols, one magazine along with 112 cartridges were recovered from the spot. Rs 72.37 lakh was also recovered from Atiq’s office. Whereas, Rs 2.25 lakh was also recovered from his five henchmen who were caught in this case. In this way a total of Rs 74.62 lakh was recovered.


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