New Delhi: Reena Roy has been a famous actress of the 70s and 80s, who created a lot of controversy by marrying Pakistani cricketer Mohsin Khan, although both of them later got divorced. They have a daughter, whose name is Jannat. Cricketer Mohsin Khan in a recent interview talked about his divorce with Reena Roy and said that he has no regrets about it.

Mohsin Khan said in an interview to ‘Zee Sports’ that he decided to stay in Pakistan because it is his identity. He says, ‘I have no regrets. I married a man. I didn’t see who she was or where she belonged to, but I had decided that I would stay in Pakistan. Pakistan is our identity.

Mohsin told that he had not seen his films before marrying Reena. He never watched films, although if Amitabh Bachchan was in the scene, he would stop and watch it. He further says, ‘No one will believe, but I had not seen any of his films before marriage. When I was going out of the house and a scene of Amitabh Bachchan was playing, I used to stop and watch it, apart from this I have never seen any film. I have never been more impressed by beauty. I like good people.

Reena Roy could not adjust with Mohsin Khan
Reena Roy had told in an interview to Times of India that she got divorced from Mohsin Khan because she could not keep pace with his life. Mohsin wanted her to live with him in London and take British citizenship, but Reena was not ready for it. Reena had told that Mohsin used to try to keep the daughter away from her, because he felt that if Reena saw her daughter, she would agree to move to London with him and settle there.

Reena Roy married Mohsin Khan in 1983
Reena had told that she has great respect for Mohsin, as he is the father of her daughter Jannat and he is still in touch with the daughter. There is a beautiful bond between them. Reena, 66, had said, ‘They keep in touch with him. There is a deep father-daughter relationship between them. They are settled in life. I pray that God keeps him happy and healthy. Please tell that Reena married Mohsin Khan in 1983. The actress returned to India in 1992 after her divorce.

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