Have you ever had difficulties speeding up your YouTube channel growth?

Since more and more creators flocked to YouTube, extreme competition among them turned the platform into a red ocean.

Branching out to a new market is no longer a matter of choice, but a necessity.

Profit can be generated in many different ways depending on the platform.

For instance, profit generation in middle platforms is based on content views like YouTube.

Consistent channel activity will also attract local brands and advertisers looking to promote their products.

There are two ways to accelerate your channel growth.

a. Set proper titles and thumbnails by checking trending content.

b. Check out the beginner’s guide provided by the platform.

c. Purchase traffic.

  • Traffic has great importance on attracting viewers.
  • You set an aim like increasing followers, views or interactions.
  • Platforms make your content easily accessible to followers, distributing traffic.

a. Carry out platform tasks.

  • Complete missions like uploading first content, getting 10 likes, etc. and you can get extra viewers inflow or platform points.

b. Participate in platform events.

  • Main topics are all about national holidays, seasons, new year, etc.
  • Add hashtags (#) to your content.
  • The platform puts a banner ad on the homepage that leads to the event landing page.
  • Benefits: traffic, rewards
Live Streaming Example
  • The main objective is brand marketing.
  • You can receive commission on product sales.
  • You can sell merchandise associated with your channel or content images.
  • You can create exclusive content for subscribed premium members.
  • The main purpose is encouraging followers to participate.
  • You can receive financial support for content creation
  • You can collaborate with brands that suit your channels by advertising their products.

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